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To The Edge of The Woods

by Mister Master

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Little Love 03:25
Dig a little deeper into the sand I'm the key and the keeper, departed from your land Shape shifter, I'm feeling dizzy all around Do I need to feel her, my little love without a sound I can't see her yeah, maybe I'll find a way inside of this A little lovin' here, a little lovin' there, maybe she will find a way to make me disappear My little love, you're wandering all around My little love, won't you bring me down, said come around Burn a hole in my atmosphere, you live in a sweet world where nothing steers you clear Sexy sinner, I think my hands are bound Will she free me, or will she stand her ground?
Destroyer 03:40
Will you lay me down, can you check my head? Do you feel my fury of love and dread? Walking through the shadows like no one can see Hazy lines and vessels, floating over me If I could stay away, I would If I could breathe you in, I would, yes I would You're spitting lies, feed yourself instead Come around my corner just to stop me dead I only feel what you let pass through Try and catch me girl, and I won't move Where is my perception, I'm leaving and I've got no direction You stand me up just to push me away I got a feeling that the teeth in my mouth are bleeding But I know my words will break Destroyer, walk my way Destroyer, if I stop, will you stay? For another day?
Will they come for me? When I'm standing at the edge of the woods If you start to scream, will I be misunderstood? And the trees all turn their cheeks just like they should Testing luck down by the edge of the woods Well the pretty girl she cries, for she sees what's not believed When the dogs start to lie, we're the ones who now retrieve And the trees with wooden cheeks, smoldering should Bring it back down to the edge of the woods Now my hands are cold, and they're bleeding life away All the stories that we told, will burn out in the haze Now we ponder what's real and understood Look what we found down by the edge of the woods
Daze Done 04:08
Lose me down, until I'm dead I'm only awake inside your head I don't know well as I should Can't tell real but you said you would Teach me, I'm already scared Truth be told under covered care Waste me, killing all that's free Something's real and the lord knows it isn't me Since you took out stones to get you gone Away with time and now I'm dazed and done Dazed and done If I needed you, would you smile? Let's walk around for a little while Hi there, is this your face? It looks saddened and so out of place Let me come close to you I'll do things you never thought to do Brain is power, hands cause problems too Too much sun and now my skin is blue I don't even know what skin is...
I stand mighty high, but I can't feel my feet I don't need to walk, I just need to sleep The light is spilling quick, so I tell everyone What's real seems to feel controlled by a gun Head is dead, hands are cold, dripping sick, getting old I am feasible and not one to understand Play dead in his grip, mechanical hand The aches remind me when I left unopened eyes But patience in the fog, and I've become the fly The walls are closing in, a chance to prove you float I think I am so tired of sour to sugarcoat Play dead in my grip, mechanical hand...
Let's take a walk around the house You think you know what's there If I'm a being then I am a dud But man don't wanna care Shut your eyes and raise your hands Can you imagine it? Diseases carry us through the mud No it's not even there As the trees change from green to red I know this living is all in my head Pretty wings sink under weight Killing discussions under shredding freight Mountains explode because they're sick and tired All eyes on the velvet cake All the mourning keeps us fed Cash it in for the devil's sake Breathe it in but never breathe it out Your colors worn and fared All the lying keeps us down from dying No, it's not even there Killerz in the shed again.....
Silver Stain 03:35
Finally I'm free, cried the ancient man Leave your lies and your riches in the twisted can Can you fix my sick? Will you do it in vain? In the shade wringing me of my silver stain Keep the arms away, I think I'm falling slow Kiss the soul of the killer who evens out my flow Shake the night away, burn the tasteless form Silver stain gone numb in the witch's storm Take me if you think it's gonna save me Dry out while you leave me in the rain Call and answer when you know I'm not here As I sit, silver stain on my brain Houses burning down, kingdom in repair Angel girl guiding me with her pretty stare Now here we are again, a simple love is strained Soul hittin' as I ride out on the devil's train


Our first album! These songs were written between 2010-2014 in Tacoma, WA.


released April 22, 2016

Recorded at Mountainhouse Recordings in Tacoma, WA in Jan. 2016
Engineered/Mixed by Andrew Nalty
Mixed/Mastered by Ian Tomlinson
Band logo by Erik Mickelsen
Album Artwork by Anna Christensen


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Mister Master Tacoma, Washington

Let us rock you!

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